As this site has been hacked and ads keep popping up, I'm transferring everything on this site to a new site. Please check out:

I will only update my new site from now on.

Välkommen, Welcome, Bienvenue!

Here you will find links to some of my favourite sites when it comes to practicing English and some other nice links too. Most of the exercises are auto correct and, of course, free of charge. As I teach students aged 13-16, most exercises are for that age group, but there are also easier and more difficult ones.

Some of the links on this site require flash to work, especially some games. If you use an iPad you can download the browser Puffin in the Appstore. Puffin is free and supports flash on the iPad.

I would very much appreciate it if you contact me if any link is broken, if you have any comments or other sites that you want to recommend :)


My Pearltree

A very nice way to organise your links and interesting stuff.